Quantum technology

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In the existing information security system, RSA public key algorithm is generally used for key distribution. While through rigorous proof, RSA algorithm will be breached completely once the quantum computer is born. Quantum key distribution is the sole and strictly proved scheme to combat key distribution of various computers currently. Theoretically, this scheme is unconditional secure, which can provide the ultimate guarantee for information security.

What is quantum?

Definition: quantum is short for quantum mechanics. Quantum is a description of a physical characteristic. In principle, any object has quantum character, but only the microscopic objects (molecules, atoms, electron and photon...) are obvious. Wave - particle duality of light cannot be described by position and momentum, and "state" should be used for the description, which we call it "quantum state".
Properties: Quantum state has incomprehensive observation (indeterminacy), cannot be copied, state superposition.

What is quantum cryptography communication technology?

Take a single photon as information carrier, coding the information 0 &1 into a photon and transmitted to the other party through the traditional fiber or space. The other party obtains the transmitted information 0&1 after using single photon detector to detect the photon transmission, and realize quantum key distribution through a series of processing. This is quantum cryptography communication technology.

Why it is unable to be eavesdropped and decoded?

Firstly, an unknown photon cannot be subdivided and copied. Any eavesdropper cannot divide the emit photon into two or make a copy to be kept by himself and sent to the receiver; Secondly, photon is unlikely to be completely measured, and it is impossible to prepare a same one sending to the receiver after the photon being read. Therefore, either the receiver receives the photon or the eavesdropper receives, it cannot be received by both of them at the same time. The sender and receiver only needs to keep the signal received by the receiver, and generate the key the others cannot be obtained.